Easter with the In-Laws

In just over 9 hours, T and I will be heading up to Wisconsin to visit his family for Easter.  Now, I enjoy my in-laws very much and they have shown nothing but kindness towards me since the first time I met them, but it’s still my first Easter away from home.  Granted, Easter at home is nothing big because we are a mellow family.  However, as I write I think of our small Easter traditions:  Mom forcing us to deliver cupcakes that look like Easter baskets to family friends, Dad pondering how long Pastor’s sermon is going to be this year, my brother trying to duck away from our festivities as soon as possible, my sister and me dying Easter eggs (not to mention the “Ugly Egg” I make every year–the key is to grab the last hardboiled egg and drop it in every dye color.  It drives Mom nuts).  And I’ll miss it all for the first time this year.

This is all part of growing up, I suppose.  And in a couple of years when T gets a call (God willing), we won’t be able to travel anywhere for Easter. So, I will think of my family this weekend amid the lively chaos of my in-laws and will let my sister know that she should make an Ugly Egg to irritate Mom.

Have a blessed Easter!


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