Top 10 Reasons I Like Lutheranism

10.  Lutherans don’t like change.  I don’t like change, Lutherans only change when absolutely necessary.  It’s a good fit (and even if it wasn’t, I still wouldn’t be expected to change anything).

9.  The Lutheran understanding of vocation.  When my pastor in college was pushing me towards being a deaconess, I finally told him that I felt I would do better work in the secular world.  He understood.  Ironically, I married a seminarian and now work in a Lutheran daycare.

8.  Potlucks.  If you have never been to a Lutheran potluck then you’re missing out, especially if you like Jell-o

7.  Lutheran Satire.  This is a recent like:

6.  The fact we have permanent pew homes.  And it is completely justified when we get upset because someone took our spot.

5.  The Divine Service.  It’s simple and straightforward:  Invocation to Benediction, it only takes a few times to figure out what is going on (except for Divine Service Setting Five in the LSB, that one took about a year).

4.  The Sacraments.  How much clearer can the forgiveness of sins get?

3.  Luther’s Small Catechism.  I’ve recently read through this again and it really does answer a lot of questions.  If only my eighth-grade self would have paid more attention in confirmation class. . .

2.  The Hymns.  “Savior of the Nations, Come,” “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” “Jesus Sinners Doth Receive,” “Abide With Me” just to name a few.  See Lutheran Service Book for more!

1.  Knowing exactly what I need to do to receive salvation.  Nothing!  Sola scriptura.  Sola fide.  Sola gratia.


One Comment on “Top 10 Reasons I Like Lutheranism”

  1. Dave Lambert says:

    Couldn't have said it any better.

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