You Know Your Husband is in the Seminary When. . .

Because this blog is entitled “The Seminarian’s Wife,” I suppose I should broach that topic every once in awhile. So here are ten indicators that, yes, your husband is really in the seminary and some things in your life become a little unusual.  I hear some of these things don’t go away when your husband is actually a pastor.

10.  You go on vacation and you have to visit a congregation that has been supporting your husband.  Of course, he decides to help with the service.  “Let’s go over the packing list:  Toothpaste, check.  Socks, check.  Alb, check.”

9.  You and your husband run into one of his classmates, you inevitably wind up staring off into space while they discuss some theological matter.  “I think Wingren leaves out key parts of the purpose of preaching.”  “Yes, but you have to understand the hearsays of the church that were happening at that time. . .” *eyes glaze over*
8.  You devote five-shelf bookcase to his theology books and it still isn’t enough room for all his books.  On the other hand, as an English minor I brought quite a few books into the marriage myself.  We don’t argue about the books very often.
7.  You are able to cook your first-ever Thanksgiving turkey because the Food Co-op generously gives you one.  Of course, they don’t tell you how to cook the turkey, leading to frantic phone calls to both dads on Thanksgiving morning, going, “Dad, the turkey is still frozen.  What do we do?!”
6.  Some of the most expensive clothing items in you and your husband’s wardrobe are his clerical shirts.  Mostly because clerical shirts are hard to come by at the Clothing Co-op and really quite impossible to find at Goodwill and the Kohl’s discount rack.
5.  You start to humbly accept that your family is someone else’s charity.  Despite the Dave Ramsey classes, we are still going into debt like crazy and we rely on gift money as part of our budget. 
4.  You tell someone that your husband is studying to be a pastor and you eventually have to explain the entire seminary program and the call process because they asked how much school he has left and where he is going to be a pastor.  “See, we don’t believe in actually knowing where we are going until a month or two before we have to move.  It’s just more fun that way.”  
3.  You get funny looks in the stores or restaurants you go to right after church because your husband is wearing a collar while holding your hand, you scandalous woman, you.  I’ve been told this is worse when you’re pregnant and can no longer wear your wedding ring.  

2.  You have to discuss with your husband what books he actually needs before going to a book sale or shopping online.  “Honey, I know that a personal hymnal would be a little easier to carry, but we already have three copies of TLH, two copies of LW, and two copies of LSB.  Do we really need another one?”        

1.  You get a crash course in what it means to “Trust God’s Plan.”  We don’t know where where we’re going, what we’ll be doing, and how we’re going to pay for it but we’ll trust that God will provide.


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