A Day Off. . .

Sometimes I have to admire my husband’s ability to see leisure and rest as a blessing instead of a sign of weakness.  Since I am now a substitute at the daycare, I don’t get on the schedule everyday.  At first I was a little frustrated (after all, the bills don’t pay themselves), so my husband asked me when was the last time I had a day off during the week and didn’t have to travel.  I retorted, “We were just on vacation.”

“Yes, and we traveled and visited people the entire time,” he reminded me.

“I had Good Friday off.”

“And we went to Wisconsin.”

“Um, the time off in March?”

“We went to Colorado.”

Okay, so I suppose the last time I had a day off that wasn’t dedicated to visiting family in other states was the beginning of February.  Likewise, I suppose having a day off today doesn’t make me lazy and while it isn’t good for our income, it might be good for my mental health.  A day off. . . Nice!


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