Pulling the Wool Over Children’s Eyes–Haha, Good One!

Several months ago, the daycare made a new policy that unless teachers are drinking water or the same beverage that the children are drinking with their meal (either milk or juice), our beverages have to be in a non-clear, secure container.  The secure container is to ensure that hot beverages aren’t accidentally spilled and the non-clear container is to ensure that we do not corrupt the youth with our abominable drinking habits.

Yesterday morning I had an early shift in the toddler room, so I had my morning coffee in a daycare approved travel mug.  As I sat at the breakfast table watching the toddlers eat while sipping my coffee, one girl looked at my mug and stated, “Coffee.”  I think the kids have figured out my abominable drinking habit.

P.S.–I’m also convinced that those toddlers are capable of figuring out how to unscrew my secure travel mug; I make sure to keep it out of their reach.


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