From Being Much More Than Gay to Only Gay

A CNN article popped up on my Facebook news feed yesterday about a gay soldier who recently died in combat.  Usually I ignore such articles but the headline, “Solider leaves legacy much larger than ‘he was gay'” intrigued me. The headline caught my attention because I thought the article would deviate from the usual story line about how a gay or lesbian becomes a credit to their sexuality by doing something wonderful and therefore citizens of the United States should give up their anti-gay tendencies and embrace this population.  I thought the article might be interesting because it wouldn’t take one part of a man’s being and make it into a cause for the nation.  I was wrong and I was disappointed.

To be clear, I didn’t read it in order to feel all fuzzy about the “progress” this country is supposedly making.  I read it to perhaps find someone out there who doesn’t see homosexuality as a platform and gay rights as a cause but could instead tell a story about a man who was more than gay.  Instead, they make this soldier into a cause that he was never particularly outspoken about in his life.  The article states, “But with his death, his parents have taken up the cause of gay rights.”  This is about the cause his parents are fighting, not his own personal cause.  It is infuriating that this journalist twisted the meaning of the article from focusing on a soldier who died to focusing on gay rights that is somehow supported by a gay soldier’s death.  As far as I’m concern, the article made the soldier’s legacy from being much more than gay to only gay.  Thank you, CNN, for making the memory of a good soldier into a political movement.   

To read this article, go to:

P.S.–Just as an aside, I don’t think I would ask Lady Gaga to be a spokesperson for anything that I wanted taken seriously.  I don’t think she is going to convince me to change my mind about much of anything.  *rolls eyes*


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