Moving Organization

I believe I mentioned in my previous post that this is my third move in the last four years.  At the beginning of every move I have high aspirations to make everything organized.  That way, when it comes time to unpack, I know exactly where everything is and  I don’t have to dig through a pile of junk to find a pair of scissors.  Alas, it has never worked out this way.  In fact, it usually goes something like this:

2-3 weeks before the move:  Start packing completely unnecessary things like books, winter clothes, and decorations.  Label boxes with things like “History and Religion Books” and “Picture Frames from Living Room: Fragile!”  Likewise, boxes are marked where you would like them to go: Study, Bedroom, Kitchen, etc.  Place boxes unobtrusively in the now-empty bookshelves.

1 week before the move:  Start packing things you know that you can live without, like most of your summer clothes, many of your shoes, office supplies (but don’t pack the permanent marker and packing tape!), and the used-every-once-in-awhile kitchen items (blender, serving dishes, etc.).  The boxes aren’t as distinctly organized as before, but are still labeled nicely  with things like “Shoes and Hangers” or “Paper and Old Checks.”  Boxes are still marked where you would like them to go, but not everything in the box is going to wind up in the room you mark.  Place boxes in neat piles around the apartment, still making sure to leave walkways.

3 days before the move:  Realize that you are running out of boxes, so start optimizing every square inch.  Organization slowly deteriorates as you start mixing miscellaneous items together.  Suddenly that one pair of heels that wouldn’t fit in the box with the rest of the shoes is tossed in the box with the few remaining books you left out.  All boxes are marked with “Random Stuff.”  Start placing boxes in the walkways you use the least.

2 days before the move:  Run out of boxes, so you have to take an emergency trip to Target or Walmart to buy more.  Start putting whatever will fit into the boxes.  The permanent marker is now lost (most likely inadvertently packed) so labeling is no longer an option.    Start putting boxes where ever they fit.

1 day before the move:  There is now a running mantra going through your head, and it goes like this, “Oh, CRAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!”  As you finish packing the kitchen, you run out of boxes and don’t have time to go get more.  You start putting things into garbage bags and hope they don’t break.  There is now no room to walk.

Day of move:  Moving truck arrives and everything is moved out of the apartment.  When you finally arrive at your new place and start unpacking, you wonder why you weren’t a little more organized when you packed. 


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