Internet Nomads

Well, once again my husband and I are internetless and we are out and about using the various public internet access spots.  There are places like the seminary and the library that would be free, but not having internet at home finally gives me an excuse to to go to coffee shops again.  

I love coffee shops; they were my favorite study spots in college.  Going to a shop and settling down with a caffeinated beverage gave me the routine I needed to get my work done.  Of course, that was pre-budget days when I was living as a carefree, loan incurring student and my drink of choice was usually a mocha.  Fast forward to today where we are a frugal, loan incurring seminary family that actually has a coffee budget and a mocha every coffee shop trip is no longer financially practical.
I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop.  I really wanted an iced mocha (decaffeinated, I’ve given up drinking coffee after dinner) but that didn’t seem like a wise choice since we need to stretch our budgeted money for the entire month.  So I bought a cookie that cost a dollar instead.  Albeit the cookie was good, but didn’t quite quench the craving for chocolaty-coffee goodness.      
*Sigh*  Being an adult is so rough.  

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