Spittin’ Mad

I will admit to being an irritable person.  Many things make me frustrated, upset, and even a little angry–slow traffic, vague plans, and people who play their ipods loud enough for everyone to hear are just a few examples.  So to say that I saw something the other day that made me angry isn’t really strong enough.  I would probably categorize it as pissed-off, seeing-red, blood-pressure-up angry.  I saw something that made me spittin’ mad.

It was a sign in front of a church.  One of those signs that churches like to put catchy phrases on to draw people’s attention.  I can’t remember what the church was called or its denomination (we drove past it too quickly), but the black letters of those words are burned in my memory, “Too Blessed To Be Depressed.”

I would like to ask the pastor of that church just exactly what he was thinking when he put those letters up.  Has he read anything about medical findings in relation to depression?  Has he bother to find out that depression is a very real mental illness?  Was he thinking about those Christians out there who struggle with the many forms of depression?  Did he honestly think that stating something like that was a cutesy way of proclaiming the loving Gospel of Christ to those who face this personal darkness?

This sign wasn’t funny, it wasn’t catchy, and it certainly wasn’t loving.  At best it was a message from an ignoramus without the basic knowledge of psychology.  At worst it was the talk of Satan trying to drive away God’s children who face a very real illness from the place that should provide them the comforting knowledge of God’s love and forgiveness no matter what trials and hardships life sends our way.  

Unfortunately I don’t have my Bible with me and I’m a bad Lutheran who didn’t memorize my confirmation memory verses very thoroughly, so I don’t have any verses off the top of my head that prove my claims.  What I do know is God’s unfaltering love for His children, His mercy shown by Christ’s death on the cross, and the steadfastness of his forgiveness that was given in baptism.  God promises to take care of us no matter what and that includes all illnesses, both physical and mental.

To blessed to be depressed my butt.  May those poor folks who attend that church still be shown God’s amazing love, mercy, and forgiveness.

For a better understanding of depression and Christianity, check out the book I Trust When Dark My Road.  You can download a copy from this link: http://lcms.org/page.aspx?pid=726&DocID=721


3 Comments on “Spittin’ Mad”

  1. Mrs. R says:

    I agree- we live close to that church, and we were both confused about the point of that particular quote. Sadly, I don't think they really *think* about those billboard quotes. They probably thought it was catchy, and they're probably using the word "depressed" as a synonym for "sad". I must admit that most church signs make me mad, but really, I blame the pastor.

  2. I get to drive past that church every day that I go to work. This phrase is one of the worst that they've had there. Z can't stand church billboards since they are used so often to show "witty" and "unique" phrases.I passed one church the other day that had a billboard that said, "It's coming. Be ready." What???

  3. Katrina says:

    The "It's coming" comment sounds like the ending to a movie trailer! And to think, our field work church just has a Bible verse on their billboard. Silly congregation, that won't confuse anyone driving by. 🙂

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