And I Emerged Triumphant Over the Corpse

For the last week or so, T. and I have been harassed by what may very well be the last fly of the season.  Since October, our household fly infestation has decreased to point of almost nonexistence, save one tenacious little pest.  When we sat down to enjoy a movie over the weekend he naturally decided to join us, crawling in our bowls and buzzing in our ears.  Despite taking a couple of good swats at him, the fly continued to be a bother.  

Well, the little punk was at it again today while I was baking.  He buzzed around my head and started diving into the spilled sugar and butter.  I tried to ignore him (after all he’s just a little fly, I shouldn’t let him get the best of me) but he continued to edge closer and closer to the bowl.  After shooing him away several times, I finally grabbed the fly swatter.  It was time to end this.
I softly crept up to the table with the swatter at my side.  I could see the fly sitting on the top, rubbing his front legs together.  I brought the swatter by my hip and with a quick swish it smacked the table.  I thought I missed because I saw the fly go soaring through the air.  However, after putting the swatter away and returning to the table I found his little body all folded up.  He wasn’t moving; he was dead.  I had defeated the vile enemy!  I grabbed a tissue to use a shroud and tossed the fly into the garbage can–a fitting end to such a fiend.  
Now you may not see my victory as something noteworthy, nor will a ballad ever be sung about my deadly deed.  But let’s face it:  I’ll probably never accomplish anything that will go beyond the local paper and I’m not the stuff legends are made of.  What I did today was rid my house of one less annoying thing and that is victory enough for me.
P.S.–I also finished my apple crisp.  It is yet to be determined whether or not that was a successful endeavor.        

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