Cupcake Fun!

Ever since I was a kid I can remember my mom’s magazines like Family Fun and Better Homes and Gardens lying around the house.  These magazines always featured awesome seasonal desserts that looked enticing.  Needless to say, I have been dying to try to make something like they do in those magazines and what better way to try than with a four-year-old?

I found a cupcake recipe on the Family Fun website ( and got the four-year-old really excited to make it.  We baked the cupcakes in the morning and then set out in the afternoon to create these creepy cupcakes.

Well, I learned why people usually don’t make cupcakes like these.  It took FOREVER!!  Putting the legs in the stupid spiders was rather trying on my patience, not to mention putting the legs on the spiders took some motor skills that four-year-old don’t always have.  Likewise, my hand started cramping from frosting the ghost cookies.  And, not surprising, the cupcakes turned out. . . special:

Oooh, those are just odd!

Despite how the cupcakes turned out, the four-year-old had an absolute blast making (and eating) them.  Additionally, the folks at Family Fun don’t have to worry about me taking over their jobs.


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