And We Wonder Why We Have Money Problems . . .

I was listening to NPR on my way to work today and they had a little blurb (which I cannot find on their website but I swear I heard it!) about a guy in L.A. who carves pumpkins for pay every October.  Some can cost over a hundred dollars.  I don’t think I would pay that much money for something that will rot in less than a week but the amazing thing to me was when he explained that he once carved a basic pumpkin for $25.  You know, triangle eyes, gap-tooth grin.  Apparently the parents thought $25 would be worth not having a mess.

I carved a basic pumpkin the other night.  From set up to clean up, including putting the pumpkin seeds aside for later roasting, it took 45 minutes.  They paid this guy over $25 dollars an hour for a simple jack ‘o lantern.  Now that’s just being lazy.


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