I Had Every Intention of Being a Good Citizen

I had every intention to vote in tomorrow’s election.  I didn’t vote last year–life was such a mess at that point that I didn’t even know it was election day, much less where I was supposed to go to vote.  This year I really wanted to vote and utilize my right to have a voice in the government.  The problem is that I don’t follow local politics so I have no idea what the ballot looks like.  The other problem is that I don’t actually live in the area’s bigger city, I live in a little town nearby.  So all the commercials I’ve seen on television don’t help me at all.  Finally, after spending some time trying to figure out what exactly tomorrow’s ballot would look like, the best information I could find is that there are a grand total of three contested positions–only one of which I have a vote.

Therefore, I’ve decided that driving an extra hour tomorrow with a 4-year-old is not worth my voice in what council member will represent me for the next 7 months or so.  So much for exercising my American freedom to vote.


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