Great Read Alert!

A few months ago my mom mentioned a new book called The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown.  I finally checked it out two weeks ago and was absolutely enthralled by it.  Before I completely rave about this novel, I feel that I should add the caveat that this is not a “Christian” novel.  While there aren’t any explicit sex scenes, the characters’ lives are less than pure.  One character even goes to a protestant confession and the pastor didn’t even give her the forgiveness of Christ (instead there was some mumbo jumbo about forgiving yourself and moving beyond your past sins).  Yeah, not exactly the epitome of morality.  

At any rate, I loved this story.  It focuses on the lives of three adult sisters who have found themselves living with their parents again after a series of personal mishaps.  The sisters’ relationships with one another aren’t the lovey-dovey stuff the people admire and wish to obtain but instead have their interactions much more realistic.  I think the narrative sums it up best, stating, “See, we love each other.  We just don’t happen to like each other very much.”  Since the sisters’ father is a Shakespeare literary scholar, there is a running reference to Shakespeare’s plays.  Oh, and one of the most interesting aspect of this novel is the voice:  First person plural.  Love it!

Basically, if you are looking for a great new novel, I would recommend that that you check out The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown.


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