Movies We Will Probably See In Theaters

I don’t often go to see movies in the theaters.  It’s ridiculously expensive most of the time and I’m generally picky about the movies I watch.  However, there are a few movies this year that I will most likely scrounge up the money to go see in theaters.

The Adventures of Tintin

I wasn’t convinced that I really wanted to see this movie in theaters until I realized that Steven Moffat is one of the screenplay writers (for those of you who don’t know, Steven Moffat also writes for Doctor Who).  Additionally, it looks like this movie is witty and visually enticing, so it should be fun to watch.

The Dark Knight Rises

I’m no comic book nut and I’m generally not interested in action films, but I adored both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for balancing their action scenes with an actual plot.  Quite frankly, the movies are a fascinating look at sociological issues and I hope the last installment is able to maintain the same level of thought that its predecessors presented.

The Hobbit

This movie is not actually high on the list of movies I really want to see in theaters, but my husband is fanatical about almost anything relating to Tolkien.  Seeing how he has been talking about this movie since last Christmas, it would be almost cruel for him not to see it when it is released.  I just hope I can convince him that we don’t need to see it at midnight.

*I  found these images from Google.  🙂

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