Gingerbread House Disaster

The week before Christmas I had the brilliant idea to make gingerbread houses with the kiddos.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, so I got on the internet in search of a recipe.  I found this:  It seemed like a simple enough recipe and I didn’t even have to make gingerbread (it used graham crackers instead).  Consequently, I got the kids excited for making the houses, bought a bunch of candy, and went to work on our Christmas creation.

For those of you who read Cupcake Fun!, you’ll know that my cuisine expertise is far from superior.  First off, I completely botched the icing and couldn’t get it thick enough to actually glue the graham crackers together. Secondly, I bought store brand graham crackers.  Unbeknownst by yours truly, the store brand graham crackers come in squares instead of rectangles and therefore made it impossible to make a functioning house.  Fortunately I found an extra can of frosting in the pantry and declared that we were making gingerbread apartments before either of the kids had a complete meltdown from sugar disappointment.  A very sticky hour later, we had completed our creations.  I then tried to move the houses and promptly dropped the seven-year-old’s on the floor.  In less than five seconds, I scooped the sugary mess off the floor, stuck it back on the cardboard, and cheerfully stated, “Good thing I just cleaned the floor!”  Yeah, not my best moment as a nanny.

This is how ours turned out with my “creative” solutions:

Not exactly the epitome of gingerbread houses.  However, the five-year-old spent the rest of the afternoon wandering over to look at his creation and saying, “I really love my gingerbread house, don’t you?”  At least he was pleased with the results.

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