Funny How I Never Saw This Coming

Sometime during my sophomore year of college I made a deal with two of my friends:  In 2012 we would take a trip to London for the Olympics and wander the streets in hopes of seeing David Tennant (who cares if Doctor Who is actually shot in Wales?  We could always hope. . .).  It may sound like a silly goal but it actually represented my life’s aspirations.  For one thing, I figured that two years after graduation would be enough time to find a steady job with benefits and save enough money for the trip.  Another reason was that none of us were dating at the time, much less thinking about getting married.

Flash forward 4 years or so and I’m not going to London.  Two of us have gotten married since we made this deal and I am no longer in contact with the third friend.  The economy is tough, so a job with benefits is no longer a realistic goal, especially when I’m changing jobs every year.  The money that T and I save goes toward his tuition.  Likewise, we will most likely be moving sometime in July.  To top off this failed plan, David Tennant no longer plays the Doctor. *Sigh*

At any rate, I’m okay with this failed plan.  While it would be nice visit London, the Olympics probably isn’t the ideal time to go.  The two of us who got married happily entered this institution and neither of us would give up our husbands to go on this trip.  And while the whole job issue really sucks, it comes with the fact that I married a seminarian (not that I view my seminary experience as a wonderful time filled with butterflies and unicorns).  Mostly, it’s just funny how I never would have predicted how my post-graduation life would actually be.

P.S.–While David Tennant did a wonderful job of playing the Doctor, Matt Smith, the current Doctor, also does a great job.  See, that worked out as well!    


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