Misery Loves Company. . . Especially When It’s Optimistic!

On Thursday, the Pew Research Center released this study that announced that the economy’s mishaps have hit young adults hardest.  In summary, many of us youngin’s cannot find jobs and of those of us who can find a job, many are working dead-end jobs that make it difficult to make ends meet.  There is an epidemic of boomerang kids and parents’ expectations of their children’s financial independence has lowered significantly.  Students are flocking to graduate schools in attempt to delay their entry into the bleak workforce, all the while putting off major life transitions like getting married or having kids.  Basically, it sucks to be young and searching for employment.

However, despite the disappointing job opportunities for people my age, it makes me feel better about myself.  While I’m not unhappy with my marriage, I do find myself journeying down the wistful road of what ifs.  What if I didn’t get married right out of college?  What if I actually tried to find a career rather than job hopping as my husband continues school?  What if I had actually taken the time and effort to really put myself out on the job market?  Well, the statistics show that not much would be different.  I probably still would not have a career, but instead would be scraping the bottom of the job market barrel for something to make ends meet.  And at least with marriage, I have my husband to help stave off the feelings of worthlessness as my employment comes and go with the constant moving.  And like the findings of the study, we are optimistic that this job despair will not last–our future in the job market certainly cannot be much worse than the present.  With that, we join the young masses with our youthful hope that things will get better!       


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