Monday Day

Today is a Monday sort of a day.  A Monday day is when little things keep going wrong–nothing life altering, just daily annoyances come one after another and leave me gritting my teeth and clenching my fists.  Nobody died on this Monday day but the realization that I bought the wrong laundry detergent after I started the wash brought tears of frustration to my eyes (fact: using regular detergent in a HE washer can make extremely sudsy clothes).  I wasn’t sick on this Monday day but the fact I had no idea what to make for dinner caused my head to ache.  On this Monday day the dogs were their usual overbearingly doting selves but their constant following me around started to drive me nuts.  Additionally, I realized half way through their walk that I forgot to take off their fence collars, meaning I caused them to get shocked as they obediently heeled down the driveway (we’ll just add “cruelty to animals” to this Monday day).  On this Monday day there wasn’t any more work for me than usual but I found out that everything I hoped would have been accomplished over the weekend wasn’t really thought about, meaning the rest of this week will be a mad scramble to make up work.

Yes, I think I can safely say this wasn’t a very good day–most definitely a Monday day.  Good thing it actually is Monday, otherwise this day would be downright depressing.  


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