Box Hoarding

Whether I like it or not, this summer’s move to God-only-knows-where on God-only-knows when is beginning to enter my thoughts.  Okay, that’s a lie, this summer’s move has been in my thoughts since getting married–this is the big vicarage move (to be followed two years later with the big first call move, God willing).  However, I am beginning to feel like I should actually be doing something about this move.  Since I don’t believe in packing until the month prior to the move, the urge to start putting things neatly and snugly into boxes hasn’t struck me yet.  Other logical activities to help sooth the moving process would be to do things like scanning apartment prices or starting the job hunt, but the big when and where of the move are still unknown for another two months.  Alas, what is a productive seminary wife to do?

Apparently, the answer is to start hoarding boxes.  Since we have been blessed to have a spacious (albeit cold) second floor that we don’t really use, my husband and I have dedicated a whole room to moving boxes.  Consequently, we saved every box from this last move and have been stashing away any box that comes our way.  Amazon boxes, care package boxes, shoe boxes, even the Girl Scout cookie boxes that I dug out of my employers’ recycling can have all been tossed into our lovely box room. along with anything that can be used as packing material.

However, I realized several weeks ago that I didn’t really know how many boxes we have collected over the last six months.  So, yesterday’s “You Know Your Husband is at the Seminary When. . .” moment was to take the time to sort and stack the boxes by size.  With great satisfaction I now have a good estimate of how many tiny, small, medium, and large boxes we have stowed away for the packing process.  Even better, I believe that we are getting enough boxes to actually make this move!  The only thing that would make this more satisfying is actually knowing where we are going. . .


One Comment on “Box Hoarding”

  1. […] the past three years, boxes like these would have immediately been stowed away for future use.  But I don’t need to do that anymore because there are no more moves in our known future. […]

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