The Case of the Missing Rubber Cement or How I’m Slowly Losing My Mind

The girl I watch has a big book project due in about a week and a half.  Last week she cheerfully asked me if we had any rubber cement so she could glue her text in her book when it was ready.  So, being a diligent caretaker I immediately added “rubber cement” to my shopping list and included a trip to Target in my weekly agenda.  This past Friday I went to Target and very distinctly remember putting the rubber cement in the cart.  I remember crossing “rubber cement” off my shopping list.  Therefore, when the girl I watch asked Friday afternoon if I had remembered to buy the glue, I gave her a very confident affirmation.

However, today the girl reach the point in her project where she needed the rubber cement and I could no longer find the bottle.  I quickly searched the office supply basket and was puzzled when I couldn’t find it.  No matter, I figured that it was in the arts and crafts basket.  But then I was really confused when it wasn’t there either.  Then I realized that I had very obviously placed it in the basket on the kids’ work table.  Why hadn’t I thought of that immediately?  I realized once I searched that basket that I hadn’t remembered right away because the stupid glue wasn’t there.  By this point I’m beginning to reach the brink of bewilderment–I know I bought that glue, I remember looking at it in Target and I remember putting it in the cart!  I frantically went to the paper cupboard in hopes that I had in a fit of insanity placed it there instead of its rightful spot.  Nope, not there. . .  Perhaps in the battery basket that is just above the office supplies basket?  Alas, the rubber cement wasn’t there.  
I had reach the point where I no longer had a logical guess about the location of the glue.  To prove the fact that I didn’t imagine that I had bought the rubber cement I dug out the receipt.  I quickly scanned the items only to realize that I had in fact not bought any rubber cement.  But how?  I know put it in the cart.  I know it, know it, I KNOW it!  And no, I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy, I’M NOT CRAZY!!!  BUT WHY IS THE #$%% RUBBER CEMENT NOT ON THE RECEIPT?!
Just as I’m ready to call someone to take me to a lovely padded room, the solution presents itself like a flip book.  I’m standing in the checkout line.  *flip*  I’m putting my cart items on the belt.  *flip*  I pull out all of the big items.  *flip* The rubber cement bottle rolls to the corner of the big cart.  *flip* I pay for the items and  leave.  *flip* The rubber cement lies in the cart, unpaid for and forgotten.
With that vision the case of the missing rubber cement is solved, but this is a small comfort since I now know that I am losing my mind.

One Comment on “The Case of the Missing Rubber Cement or How I’m Slowly Losing My Mind”

  1. Jacobsen says:

    I have done that SAME exact thing before…but I think it was with lunchables or something. Anywho, I purchased the items (it was on the receipt) but I couldn't find them when I got back to the house! Eek!

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