Waiting for Vicarage: T-5 Weeks and 2 Days

If one could capture nervous energy and utilize it as a fuel source, seminarians and their families at this time of year would fuel the nation.  With vicarage and call services almost a month away, the campus is chatter with talk of were we would like to go and what we hope to get from our upcoming experiences.  Likewise, families begin to think more and more about packing and moving, as well as facing the bewildering truth about how much stuff they have.  Most of us haven’t the slightest clue where we are going but the need to do something in preparation for the moves is strong.  Mingled the constant talk of where, when, and what will happen this summer is the hushed voices of fear:  What if there isn’t a place for us?  What if we don’t like it?  Worst of all, what if we fail and all this work is for naught?  Yes, tension, nerves, and excitement are at a high this time of year.

Meanwhile, I am learning how to delicately answer the question of “How do you feel about vicarage?”  I have decided that sarcasm is not the way to go (I don’t know about you, but I just love not only having a limited say about where we will live this coming year but also having no freakin’ way to plan how our life will go beyond July 1!).  Likewise, brutal honesty is probably not the answer either (I don’t like it, uh-uh, not one bit.).  I think I’ve settled on understating the obvious with, “Well, I’m a little nervous about it.”  Yeah, that’s only a bit of an understatement.      


One Comment on “Waiting for Vicarage: T-5 Weeks and 2 Days”

  1. […] funny how two years ago I had already worked myself up into a tizzy about vicarage and now I barely think about call.  It seems me that I got my worry backwards.  You would think […]

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