Waiting for Vicarage: The 5-Year-Old’s Input

The kids I nanny have realized that my husband and I will soon find out where we are moving.  While I’m still trying to emphasize that I still have some time with the kids before we move, that emphasis is quickly loosing its comfort as time draws closer and closer to the end of the school year.  However, the children went through this process last year with their former nanny, so they have a little experience with a seminary family’s transition to vicarage.  They seem to be handling it okay and the youngest has already begun to refer to the next school year as “When the new nanny is here.”  However, he is still a little befuddled by the events leading up to placement day.  When he overheard me talking to his mom about placement, he asked where we are moving.  I replied, “Well, we won’t know until T. and I go to the special service.  We could go anywhere.”

“Not to Colorado,” the 5-year-old asserted.

“Actually, we could go to Colorado,” I explained.

His eyes widened at the thought (although I’m not sure what thoughts of Colorado fluttered across his mind).  Then he gave a self-confident smile and said, “Well, you wouldn’t move to Michigan.”

“Well, we could move to Michigan,” I stated.

Looking very serious for a moment, he said, “No way, it’s too cold in Michigan for people.”

I’m going to be very excited to tell him where we are moving if we get placed in Michigan.  Which could happen.  Or not.  Either way, we’ll know for sure in 15 days.


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