Waiting for Vicarage: The Final Days

For some dumb reason or another, I thought the final weeks before the vicarage assignment service would be easier than the previous 6 and a half months of waiting.  The end of waiting is near, T and I will soon know where we will live for the next school year.  I thought of the last two weeks before the service would be like my beloved cross country races in high school–the final stretch would give me a new burst of energy and I would finish stronger than I started.

Life lesson for this month:  Not everything in life is like a cross country race.  Rather than facing the final two weeks with excitement and while losing the concern about the future, I instead discovered that with every passing day the anxiety has heightened.  Not only that, unlike the previous six months, it is now impossible to put vicarage out of my mind.  It looms in the future as a big blank space waiting to be filled with the wheres and whens (and a little bit of  hows and whos).  People are becoming more and more inquisitive about where we are going, to which we can only respond, “We really haven’t the slightest idea.”  Throw on the fact that assignment night is not the end of the “Waiting for Vicarage” saga since we still actually have to move (again), and I’ve become more worried and melancholy then when this first started.

However, regardless of how I have felt the last two weeks or so, time has marched forward in its orderly fashion and we are almost there.  Only three more days!


One Comment on “Waiting for Vicarage: The Final Days”

  1. […] for Vicarage Placement Service and Call Night next week.  I feel this stress for two reasons:  I remember how terrible I felt last year at this time and I know that a year from now I will be feeling just as stressed as my fourth-year friends. […]

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