We Know Where We Are Going! We Know Where We Are Going!

Finally, after 7 long months, we know where we will go for T’s vicarage!  Since I use this blog as an outlet for stress and frustration (which will surely come with the changes this year), I have decided not to reveal the town’s name.  Most of you probably already know where we are going at any rate.

I will share this though:  T has been assigned to a congregation in my beloved Midwest, although we can expect lots of snow and cold this winter.  The congregation and town are small but the current vicar and one of T’s classmates who is supported by this congregation have already informed us that it is a wonderful place to live and full of caring folks.  We will have a house that is way bigger than what we need (I guess I can keep a box room!) and it is adjacent to the church property.  I believe the liturgy will be slightly unorthodox since they don’t use the LSB but pull parts of the liturgy from TLH.  This does sadden me a bit since I really enjoy the LSB.  It sounds as though T will have fairly normal vicar duties and will preach at least once a month.  Strangely enough, after all the time I spent stressing about what the congregation will expect from the vicar’s wife, T will be the congregation’s second vicar and their first married vicar.  I will be the first vicar’s wife, meaning there are no expectations based on past wives!  Hooray!  This also has a downside because I will feel the need to set a good example to the congregation about what to expect from the vicar’s wife.  Boooo!

At any rate, I feel I can finally start to look forward to vicarage.  We know where we are going, we know when we will move (more or less), and I can start obsessively researching on the internet every detail about our new home.  And, thanks be to God, we didn’t get placed in Canada or Texas!*

*No offense to those of you from those places, I just didn’t want to throw on culture shock on top of every other change!


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