Would You Be Excited?

Since my husband and I have found out where we are moving for his vicarage, I have been asked, “Are you excited?!”  At first I was–it felt wonderful to finally know where we are going and no longer having unknown details looming over us.  However, a few days after placement night the now known details began to loom over us.  We need to figure out when and how we are going to move, we need to figure out what the schedule will be when we actually get there.  Plus, since everyone knew that we couldn’t make summer plans until after placement night, we got slammed with people wanting to know what we are doing this summer only a few days after we found out where we are moving.  Additionally, this move kicks off the most stressful time in our transitory life:  three moves to three different cities in three years.  I have still have another month of work.  We still need to pack.  Would you be excited?

But what about the prize at the end of the move, actually getting to our new home?  It’s hard to see any of this as a prize beyond it’s good for my husband to be on vicarage.  I’m quitting my job and saying goodbye to the few friends I have managed to make in the last two years to go to a place where I’m jobless and surrounded by strangers.  I’m watching my husband’s calendar fill up with things like work start date and VBS–markers that he is already finding his place in this new home–as my calendar remains empty as a stark reminder that I still have muddle through where I belong in all of this.  I’ll have to figure that out all over again next summer.  I’ll have to figure that out all over again the following summer.  Would you be excited?    


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