Our Beloved Kittens Are Gone

I love animals.  My family has had a dog since before I was born and we have had cats since I was in first grade.  When I was in elementary school I wanted to become a veterinarian.  In college I had a beta fish for a year and a half and spent a brief stint of time trying to keep hermit crabs (both of these creatures proved to be too fragile to live any length of time so I had to stop keeping them because I got too upset when they died).  When my husband and I got married, we really wanted to get a dog or a cat.  However, since the majority of vicarages don’t allow pets, we decided that it would be foolish for us to adopt a dog or cat and then have to give them up two years later.  Hopes for a pet were set aside for fourth year.

Then we moved to the farmhouse that came with farm cats.  I referred to the two farm cats that hung around the most as our pseudo-pets.  We knew we couldn’t keep them but I still faithfully fed them every morning and made a kitty bed for them out of a cardboard box.  Seven months later, they gave birth to their kittens in the box.  For the past two months my husband and I have watched the kittens grow from tiny little fuzzballs into miniature cats.  We played with the kittens everyday and enjoyed watching them frolic around the yard.  We enjoyed having them snuggle in our laps–they were even beginning to purr when they saw us.

On Friday night my husband was saying good night to the kittens.  Seven of them sat curled up in his lap while the other three pranced around the porch, pouncing on bugs and chasing each other.  They were healthy and happy.  They were all there.  Saturday morning I got up to feed them and an odd silence greeted me.  They weren’t on their mat, nor under the porch, nor under the cars.  My husband and I searched the barns and walked around the fields but not a trace of them could be found.  They just disappeared.  One of the momma cats hasn’t been seen since Wednesday night.  I think something ate all eleven of them.

I knew that it would be unlikely that all ten kittens would survive; I just never expected that all ten kittens would be gone in one night.  It’s hard to accept that they are gone because we can’t find any remnants of their existence.  I find myself still hoping (despite logically concluding that they are gone) to see them come leaping down the porch steps when I pull up in my car or playing on the porch when I peak outside.  Instead I see the remaining mother cat patiently waiting for her kittens to come home.  It breaks my heart.


One Comment on “Our Beloved Kittens Are Gone”

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