Moving Disease

I think I have acquired moving disease.  Symptoms include going shopping and thinking, “Do I really want to pack that?” and hoarding what would usually be considered junk as packing material.  My most recent accomplishment was looking at our cheap, broken air mattress and deciding it would make a good tarp.  A little scissor work and viola!–a piece of plastic to throw over furniture in the truck.  Other bits of things I have saved include newspaper, tissue paper, any worn out piece of clothing, and every plastic bag we have brought home from a store in the last three months.  

I should probably be worried about the junk hoarding but since my goal for this move is not to spend any money on packing materials, I suppose there could be worse habits in life. 

One Comment on “Moving Disease”

  1. […] Despite my postponement on the actual packing, there are other signs that we’re preparing to move.  My husband is trying to make sure he completes or delegates any of his ongoing projects.  I’m started to think of all of the businesses and companies we need to call about changing our address.  I also decreed this week that is pointless to continue flattening our empty boxes because we’ll just be taping them back together next month.  Consequently, the extra bedroom upstairs as been claimed as the new box room.  I’ve also started looking at our things again in terms of whether or not we want to move it. […]

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