Why VBS Amuses Me

To be honest, I haven’t helped with a Vacation Bible School program since I started high school.  However, this is the second year my husband is serving as a teacher for his field work church’s VBS program.  As a former daycare teacher who spent 30+ hours a week corralling grade school children (and many of those hours I did it by myself), it is really funny to see my husband spend a week doing a similar job.  Our conversation after a day at VBS generally goes along these lines.

Husband:  Some of those kids really don’t listen the first time.

Me:  Yup.

Husband:  Some kids forget to raise their hands and keep blurting out answers.

Me:  Yup.

Husband:  They also kind of check out at the end of the day.

Me:  Yup.

Husband:  I also had to stand a lot.

Me:  Yup.

Husband:  Stop smiling at me like that!

Me:  Nope.

Don’t worry, my husband really enjoys teaching VBS–I just get really tickled when he gets a small does of what it’s like to work full time with children.  I hope VBS is this entertaining for me every year!


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