Table Finagling

When I got my first apartment my sophomore year of college my parents found a little table with two chairs for my kitchen.  Since it is small and sturdy, my husband and I continued using it after we got married.  Since our first apartment’s dining are was cramped, my small table worked well within the space.  The table remained our dining set after we moved into the farmhouse because a) it served the needs of the two of us reasonably well and b) we didn’t want to invest in a bigger table since there was no telling where we would go for vicarage.

Well, now we actually know where we are going to live the next two years (barring any sort of unexpected disasters) and we know we have the space for a bigger table.  So when our friends contacted us the other day about a large table they had found, we were eager to hear the details.  Our plan panned out as follows:  Since they don’t have the space in their apartment to store the table, we are going to keep it for them for the next two years.  Even better, they said that we could go ahead and use the table (which is great because we have to figure out how we are going to seat 12 people for dinner in less than two weeks).  The found table is fairly sturdy, albeit a bit scratched,  and even has a leaf that we can take in and out.  A decent upgrade from my tiny, two person table.

However, we cannot part with tiny table because bigger table isn’t ours forever.  Additionally, it’s still in good condition so I’m sure we can find some use for it the next two years.  The problem my husband and I discovered after setting up bigger table is that we actually don’t have room for tiny table.  Our usual storage area is the upstairs but apparently we can’t fit tiny table up the extremely narrow stairs–the table is about a half inch too wide.  After staring at the table and the staircase for a few minutes, my husband and I concluded that there is probably some way to finagle the table up the stairs.  However, it wouldn’t make sense at this point to spend twenty minutes wrestling the table up the stairs only to have to bring it back down in about three weeks when we move.  Consequently, tiny table is now serving as giant side table, standing ridiculously tall and ridiculously wide next to our couch and chair.  Not ideal, but I suppose it will have to do for now.

Yet the table excitement has led me to wonder if this is how normal twenty-somethings spend their time–sharing furniture with friends, renting old farmhouses with narrow stairs, planning their possessions in relation to moving.  Is this normal or is it just a sem. family thing?      


One Comment on “Table Finagling”

  1. […] apartment (the table now resides with my sister), another chair is from another thrift shop, and the table our friends found on the side of the road. The “new” chair fits in with our hodge-podge decor theme quite […]

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