Well, That Storm Took Out My Plans

I had an awesome timetable for our upcoming move.  It went as follows:

-June 29:  Last day of work.  Be very sad.
-June 30-July 4:  Clean house like a crazy person in preparation for move/husband’s family
-July 5-10:  Party with family
-July 11-12:  Pack, pack, pack
-July 13-15:  Parents visit/pack
-July 15:  Attend an ordination
-July 16-17:  PACK, PACK, PACK
-July 18:  Load truck
-July 19:  Begin our vicarage journey
It was a tight schedule, admittedly stressful, but doable.  Then came June 29 and a storm swept through our fair city, blowing trees over and damaging 95% of the distribution circuits in our area.  Consequently, our house has been without power since the storm, meaning no fans or running water (did I mention that it’s been consistently in the 90s for over a week?).  After 16 hours without electricity and learning that it was going to take up to five days to get power back, we called our friends and asked them for help.  They kindly have let us crash at their apartment so we can enjoy the finer things in life like a flushing toilet and fans.  Yay!
While we’re thankful that our friends could take us in, we are very obviously not deep cleaning the house.  At this point, I’m trying to figure out how we can wash the pile of dishes that have been sitting by the sink since Friday (I think if I can buy some more gallons of water and heat them up on the porch, we can get the dishes cleaned. . .).  Likewise, we still have 10 people coming to visit us in just a few days and that truck will be at our house on July 18 whether we’re ready or not.  Needless to say, I’ve gone beyond normal stress and have reached the emotional mess level of stress.
According to the power company’s website, we should be getting power back late tonight.  I’m praying this is the case, otherwise it might be as late as Saturday night before electricity is restored.

One Comment on “Well, That Storm Took Out My Plans”

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