Why Using a Hymnal Is Such a Comfort

It would be foolish and prideful of me to claim that using the Lutheran Service Book (LSB) is the only way to worship.  I realize that there are many styles of worship and that God never gave a specific rubric for worship in the Bible–a church doesn’t have to use LSB to having meaningful worship.  However, that being said, I think my worship experience yesterday makes a strong case for the unified use of the hymnal within the LC-MS.

This past week was moving week for my husband and me.  On Thursday and Friday we traveled about 650 miles from our farmhouse to our new home (which I am dubbing “vicarage house”).  Since my husband technically has a week or two before starting his vicarage and the current vicar was preaching the last time, we decided that we would wait another week before worshiping at with the vicarage congregation.  However, this also meant that we needed to find a different church to attend on Sunday morning.

My husband found a tiny Lutheran church about 30 minutes from the vicarage house.  Upon arriving, we were warmly greeted by the pastor.  He explained to us that they were using Divine Setting III from the hymnal and gave us a card so we could take communion.  We found a pew and waited for the service to start.

Nothing has been more comforting in this move than to walk into a strange church 650+ miles away from where we worshiped last Sunday and know what was going on.  I may not know where the post office is, I may not know how to get to the bank, I may not know what on earth I am going to do with myself this year but I do know DS III.  I have heard that some people don’t like a traditional liturgy because it isn’t exciting enough or that it doesn’t change enough from week to week.  However, when everything around me is different and a bit scary, I don’t want an “exciting” or “unusual” church service.  All I wanted yesterday was to hear God’s Word and receive the Lord’s Supper without feeling overwhelmed and confused.  Thanks to that hymnal-using congregation, I was able to find just that.


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