Starting Vicarage: How Do I Fit Into This Picture?

We’ve been at our vicarage house for a week now.  We’ve unpacked and organized most of the house, we went shopping at the local grocery store and Walmart, and I got a library card.  The daunting tasks of just moving are quickly being accomplished, leaving time to figure out exactly how to function in our new lives.

I know my husband is quietly trying to figure out what his role as vicar will be with this congregation.  After spending last year hearing about all the different vicarages and learning the vast range of duties vicars can have, it’s odd to finally start narrowing down the responsibilities while trying to get a feel for the congregation.    It looks like last year’s vicar spent a lot of time rebuilding the youth group, so that will be my husband’s starting point.  It sounds like there will other options for work including creating a group for the 20s, 30s, and 40s age bracket and plenty of teaching.  He’s a little bit nervous but very excited to begin his work.

As for me. . .I’m still trying to figure what vicarage means to the wife.  I’ve initiated a search for a new nanny job despite people advising me to wait a bit–no work and sitting around the house all day leads to a sure case of I-just-moved-and-don’t-know-anyone-in-town blues.  The pastor and his wife took us out to lunch last Saturday and they both seem very kind.  I had a couple of folks from the congregation ask if I was going to help with the youth group with my husband and after hemming and hawing for a bit about how I wasn’t sure I’ve finally came to the conclusion that I am not, at least not right away.  I know older adults assume that because I’m still in my 20s that I should find it easy to relate to teenagers but I don’t.  After all, I was a freshman in high school a decade ago–a lot has happened to the world and me since then.  Plus, I want my husband to find a comfortable way to interact with the youth without me hanging around.  My husband has already been away at meetings two evenings this week, making me realize that I am in desperate need of a hobby besides reading.  The good news is that we have cable internet again, providing hours of unhealthy entertainment online. . . Again, I need a better hobby.

We’ll attend service at the vicarage church for the first time this Sunday.  Thankfully my husband won’t be installed until the following Sunday so I won’t have to finagle the service by myself.




One Comment on “Starting Vicarage: How Do I Fit Into This Picture?”

  1. […] Stepping In: Even though I had said that I wanted to help, the next day I still felt nervous about working with the teenagers.  Despite my apprehensions, I prepared my devotion and talked it over with my husband before he headed off to confirmation class.  At 6:30, I sat the youth down and began the devotion.  While it wasn’t the best devotion ever–I haven’t taught a group since my daycare job–it still worked out.  The high schoolers answered my questions and listened respectfully.  I hope they even learned something.  I know that my subbing was only for one night, but it was still a big step for someone who initially didn’t want to work with the youth. […]

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