Thus We End the Second Month of Vicarage and the Vicar’s Wife Tries to Diagnose Homesickness

This week marks two months since my husband and I arrived at the vicarage house.  The good news is that my husband is doing well with his work.  He’s starting to connect with people and he’s continually learning about the day-to-day work of a pastor.  The bad news is that my acclimation to our new home has plateaued.  While I wouldn’t say that things are just as bad as when we first moved here (after all, I know where to buy groceries and have a valid driver’s license), I also wouldn’t say that I have found peace with this newest transition.  My part time job is a little too part-time and I’m having difficulty figuring out how to fill my days.  Likewise, developing friendships is going poorly.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone at the church is very friendly but I miss having someone to chat with over a cup of coffee.

Consequently, I have decided that I have a bad case of homesickness.  Unfortunately, I’m not really sure which home I am longing for.  Is it home in Indiana where I had an identity of a working adult and a few people I would call friends?  Is it home at college where I was a successful student and had a church home that I loved?  Or is it the home where I grew up and have family and friends (you know, people who actually know me beyond being the vicar’s wife)?

Wherever it is, it’s not here.  But hey, it’s only ten more months, I can be miserable live here for ten months.


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