My husband loves pizza.  He thinks it’s one of the greatest foods in the world and if were up to him he would happily eat it at least once a week for the rest of his life.  Unfortunately for him, he married me.  I only tolerate pizza and I could pretty easily remain happy without ever eating a slice of pizza.  Consequently, we don’t buy pizza (it’s expensive) and we don’t order pizza (it’s expensive and I don’t really like it).

Last night I thought I would try to compromise our I-love-pizza–I-don’t-like-pizza perspectives by making pizza from scratch.  I bought some pizza crust yeast, pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni and set about trying to make an acceptable pizza.  Well, things were a little more complicated than I expected and I for some reason needed to use over twice the amount of flour the recipe required.  I also couldn’t get the dough to shape into a circle.  However, every once in awhile my culinary skills don’t completely backfire on me and the final product was an edible, albeit misshapen, pepperoni/pineapple ham pizza.


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