Hiding from the LWML

The LWML Zone Rally is being hosted by my husband’s vicarage congregation and I have been asked several times in the last two weeks if I plan to attend.  Not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, I kept responding with, “I’m not sure.”  But I am sure; I don’t want to go.

Nobody has demanded that I go, nobody has even asked me to help host.  I don’t have anything better to do this Saturday (and my husband is going to the rally, so it’s not like I will be spending time with him).  I simply don’t want to go because I don’t want to spend an entire Saturday with strangers.  I’m tired of spending time with strangers, I keep having to spend time with strangers because everyone is a stranger here.  I don’t want to meet more strangers and play nicely with them.

Consequently, I am in hiding this week.  It is admittedly sad that I am hiding from older Lutheran ladies–they’re not exactly a formidable enemy–but as long as I stay out of everyone’s sight until Sunday morning I won’t have to tell anyone the reason why I don’t want to attend the rally.


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