I Tried To Be An Informed Voter

I had every intention to watch the presidential debate last night, I really did.  I even turned on the TV at the right time (and the right station) so that I could properly learn about each candidates’ policies for the country.  However, about 15 minutes into the debate I found it to be rather dull.  Still trying to be an informed voter, I pushed through my boredom for another 15 minutes before realizing I really didn’t care.  Both candidates were saying what I more or less expected.  President Obama still insists that things are slightly better than they were four years ago so we should give him another chance.  Mitt Romney still says that giving President Obama another chance is a load of hooey and we should go with him and his detail-less plan to recover the economy.  It’s a no win situation.  *sigh*  (To be fair, from what I watched it seemed that Mitt Romney was behaving better that he has in the past–nothing came out of his mouth that “gotcha” media could use).

Actually, what I was really wondering all night is how they managed to choose different colored ties.  Did they call each other up and say something like, “Hey, Mitt, so I was thinking about wearing a blue tie at the debate.”  “Oh, that’s cool, Barack.  I have a really kickin’ red tie that I wanted to wear.”



2 Comments on “I Tried To Be An Informed Voter”

  1. Tomas Hezan says:

    Who says kickin these days…

  2. Katrina says:

    Apparently Mitt Romney does. I thought the conversation seemed like an expected exchange between the two candidates, duh. 😛

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