How Does a Person Go About Finding a Doctor in a New Town?

How does a person go about finding a doctor in a new town?

Well, she asks someone at church for a recommendation.

What if she needs to find a specific doctor for a very personal reason?

Well, then she asks someone trustworthy.

What if she hasn’t found someone who knows the town well that she can trust with her problem?

Well, then she asks her pastor.

What if the closest thing she has to a pastor right now is her husband’s boss?

Ummm. . .


2 Comments on “How Does a Person Go About Finding a Doctor in a New Town?”

  1. Angela says:

    See who is covered by your insurance; the website should let you search by zip code. Check online reviews. See if any of the doctors have an online profile associated with their practice, sometimes they will have a blurb about their philosophy that will give you an indication they might be a "match" (or a glaring "not for me.") See if the hospital has an "ask the nurse" phone line, many do. Ask who they recommend, they get a feel for which providers are popular. Even if the nurse takes your name and details it is then confidential medical info. Pick one or two, and call and ask for an interview appointment – we interviewed our family doc at no charge and got a feel for whether her approach would work with us.Hope that helps! Sorry we didn't get to talk much Sunday – but we made the right call on taking the sick kiddo home!

  2. Katrina says:

    Thanks, Angela, that does help–lots of practical steps to use. And that's alright about Sunday. We knew our visit was going to be a bit of a whirlwind. We're hoping someday to be able to visit Iowa City when there isn't a holiday or a wedding involved!

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