Post-Seminary Aspirations

My husband and I have a running joke:  Whenever we talk about buy or doing something that we cannot currently accomplish due to financial or logistical reasons, we say that we’ll achieve our desire when my husband is a rich and famous pastor.  I know, “rich” and “famous” are two adjectives not typically associated with pastors and we have no delusions of grandeur when it comes to his income and fame.  However, when (God willing) my husband becomes a pastor we will have things that we don’t have right now–mainly a stable income and a place to call home for more than a year.

Last night, I asked my husband if he wanted to help me write a “Post-Seminary Aspirations” list.  He thought it was great fun, so we spent about a half-hour telling each other our hopes and desires for the days beyond the seminary life.  Here’s what we came up with (and in no particular order):
Buy headboard
Own piano
Buy shredded cheese:  For some reason I consider this a frivolous purchase when I can buy a block of cheese for less and shred it myself.  However, it is so tedious to shred 16 ounces of cheese! 
Consistent beer supply
Ditch the pink armchair that we got from the Co-op:  Super comfy, super ugly
Have babies!
Have a real kitchen table:  Not that our current one isn’t great, it just isn’t ours
Buy a house
Have a cat AND dog
Get a DVR
Decorate rooms more purposely:  Since we move so often, it’s hard to justify actually buying home decor because we don’t know if we can use it at the next place.  I pointed this out to my husband when he wanted to get another crucifix for our house
Live in the same home for more than a year consecutively
New clothes that fit:  Not that the Co-op and thrift stores aren’t great (nor will we stop using thrift stores once we’re done with seminary), it’s just sometimes we’re wearing clothes that don’t exactly fit because they were free
Flat screen TV
More variety in coffee supply
Two full bathrooms:  This is my husband’s idea, I think it’s frivolous 
Furnished guest bedroom
Guest house:  Again, husband’s idea.  I think he was getting silly at this point
Fire pit
Not looking at everything we own and thinking, “How hard is this to move?”
Patio furniture
Matching furniture for living room:  Or at least stop doing things like using my old, broken TV stand as a side table.  On the other hand, I love that I can tell a story about every piece of furniture in our living room.  The couch was my grandmother’s, the coffee table was my father-in-law’s, one of the end tables was my parents’ and is from the Philippines. . .
Own a kneeler
Buy a guitar
Contacts for husband:  Might spring for this before being done with seminary
Spice rack
Retirement fund
Start investments
Huge kitchen with island
Have multiple flavors of ice cream in freezer
Big computer desk
Sun Room
China hutch
New vacuum:  We’re using the cheap-o one my parents bought me for my first apartment
Magazine subscriptions
Garbage disposal
Be able to pay for others’ meals when we go out 
I realize that some of these aspirations are going to take years to fulfill.  Likewise, some of our ideas depend on where my husband gets a call (it would be stupid to buy a house if we live in a parsonage, we also wouldn’t be able to demand a sun room if we live in a parsonage).  However, I think it’s good to think about our lives beyond the seminary years–it gives us motivation when things get tough.  I will be continuing this list as my husband finishes his studies and keep you posted on what we add.  🙂  
Does anyone else have a list like this?  It doesn’t have to be post-seminary, just a list of life aspirations.


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