Toasting Pumpkin Seeds

I have been attempting to successfully toast pumpkin seeds for about four years.  The first time I tried, I forgot to cut the oil amount in half (the recipe called for two cups of seeds and I only had one).  Those seeds were so oily that they were still soggy even after toasting them.  I think the worst part of that story was that I still ate the pumpkin seeds–being a college student was not good for my eating habits.  I managed to properly follow the recipe the next couple of years.  Yet despite my stellar recipe-following skills, the seeds still lacked a certain zing that would make them snack-worthy.  

However, this year was the year!  Thanks to this recipe, I finally managed to toast pumpkin seeds so that my husband will actually eat them.  I know, I know, anything will taste great with enough brown sugar but still, yay for me!

Carving pumpkins and toasting seeds means loads of Halloween fun!


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