Coffee Cutbacks

Sadly, I was informed this week that I should try cutting back on my caffeine intake for health reasons.  I’m trying to hold myself to only one cup of actual coffee a day in hopes that it will be enough of a cut in caffeine to make a difference.  Even so, I still long for several cups of coffee a day, to imbibe in its comforting warmth, an to bask in its caffeinated goodness.  My husband shares my love of coffee but instead of being understanding and sympathetic in my coffee-deprived laments, he thinks it’s funny.  He likes to sip his coffee in front of me and sigh in contentment or make comments about how amazing his coffee is.  Usually he isn’t like this but for some reason my coffee cutback is hilarious to him.

To deal with his tomfoolery, my new plan is to reenact a scene from The Princess Bride.  The next time he starts teasing me, I’m going to shout out “You mocked me once, never do it again!  I died that day!”  Then I’ll push him down a hill. I realize that I skipped part of the scene, but I think he’ll get the picture.

The End

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