Here Comes December: Vicarage Edition

On Saturday my husband and I flipped our calendar over to December.  We had been warned about this month prior to vicarage.  For pastors (and those learning to be a pastor), December brings extra services and activities as the church prepares for its Christmas celebration.  December is busy and can quickly become stressful.

Ironically for me, this year appears to be the least stressful December since I was a child.  I don’t have study for finals, I don’t have to take any exams, I don’t have to wrangle hyperactive children the week of Christmas, and I don’t have to prepare for any travels.  My husband’s family isn’t visiting until a few days after Christmas, so there isn’t any pressure to make a “perfect” Christmas day.  Granted, I still have that whole I’m-not-functioning-socially thing going on but since that was happening well before this month, December probably won’t make it any worse.    

On the other hand, my husband’s December is rapidly filling with events and services.  While his vicarage church doesn’t have midweek Advent services (don’t ask my why), there’s still the extra services the week of Christmas.  Likewise, he’s helping with the children’s Christmas program, organizing a youth event, and doing  his usual teaching duties.  While the amount of work isn’t any more than other pastors’ December work, this month is still becoming the busiest December he has had yet.

We’re told that vicarage is supposed to give us a taste of what ministry life will look like.  Despite my relaxed December, this month will certainly give us an opportunity to understand what Advent and Christmas will become for us.

Good thing we put up our Christmas tree before December!



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