Springerle for My Husband

About a week ago, I asked my husband if he wanted a specific type of Christmas cookie this year.  He immediately responded that he wanted anise cookies.  By anise cookies, I thought he meant Springerle (a German Christmas cookie).  I had never made this type of cookie before, but I was familiar with it because my grandmother would send us a batch every Christmas.  Since the cookies are extremely hard (my mom said they were baked to last through the winter), I referred to them as cement cookies while growing up.

I found this recipe online and set about making and rolling the dough this morning.  Unfortunately, I don’t own a Springerle rolling pin so my cookies will be without the pretty designs.  Oh well!  By the time my husband returned from work this morning, I had the dough cut and sitting in the kitchen to dry.  He looked at the dough and asked, “What kind of cookies are these?”

I replied, “Spring. . .  Springer. . .Springlearoie. . .I can’t say it!  Cement cookies!”

My husband says, “Hmm, I wonder what they taste like.”

I looked at him and exclaimed, “You’re the one who asked for these cookies!”

“I did?”

“Yes!  The anise cookies!”

“These are anise cookies?”

Now I have no idea if the cookies sitting in the kitchen are actually what my husband wanted.  Either way, I’ll be baking the Springerle tonight–I hope they taste decent!


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