Loose Lips

I usually don’t write vague things on the internet about “Oh, something so great/horrible/shocking/amazing happened but I can’t talk about it,” but I have to break my rule today.  I was ready to write a post about a Very Exciting Thing that is going to happen at my husband’s vicarage church.  As I opened this page to start writing about the Very Exciting Thing, I realized that not everyone in the congregation has been told about the Very Exciting Thing.  I know about the Very Exciting Thing because my husband works at the church.  While the Very Exciting Thing isn’t a secret or something shared in confidence, the pastor hasn’t officially told the entire congregation.  Consequently, it might be inappropriate to announce my excitement about the Very Exciting Thing until the congregation has decided to do the Very Exciting Thing (even though as far as I know, no one in the congregation knows this blog exists).

So why am I rubbing my knowledge of the Very Exciting Thing in your face?  Mostly I’m just pleased I managed to realize that some things are okay for me to know about the church, but I still need to be careful about when and where I talk about such things.  Don’t worry, I’ll share the Very Exciting Thing with you soon!


One Comment on “Loose Lips”

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