How Influenza is Ruining My Limited Social Life

Influenza is currently rampaging through our vicarage church.  Last week the pastor cancelled the 55+ club’s monthly meeting because so many people were sick.  My husband only had half the normal number of kids attend Bible study on Wednesday night because so many were out with the flu.  On Sunday, there were two topics of conversation at church:  weather and influenza.  At this point it feels as though the question isn’t so much if we’ll get the flu but when will we get the flu.

Despite all of this, my husband and I have thus far remained healthy.  Life goes on as usual for us, including my husband’s new weekly schedule–youth group on Wednesday nights and confirmation on Thursday nights.  This leaves two very long and empty days for me to try to fill.

In a desperate attempt to ward off the inevitable loneliness such days bring (and because I’m supposed to be working on reaching out to people for social interaction), I called the pastor’s wife last week to see if she wanted to meet for coffee.  She happily agreed and we decided to meet at her house on Thursday afternoon.  However, she called me Thursday morning to explain that so many people in her office were sick with the flu that she had to go into work that day.  I was disappointed but understood these things happen, so we rescheduled our meet up for today.

Yesterday my husband got a phone call from the pastor; his wife now had the flu and consequently wouldn’t be able to meet for coffee.  I was disappointed but understood how these things happen (and I really didn’t want to go over if she had the flu).  However, I have to laugh at how easily influenza is ruining my very limited social life.  Now I’m just hoping that my husband and I stay healthy for our mini-vacation next week.

Poor Pastor’s Wife, she is quite ill.  It looks like it will be awhile before I can tease her about the claims she made on Sunday about never getting sick.  😦 


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