Pride Cometh Before the Fall on Ice

After spending the last two winters thinking to myself I really should by some winter-appropriate church shoes, I finally broke down and bought a pair of dress boots.

I haven’t gotten a new pair of shoes in almost a year, so I immediately wanted to wear these when they arrived.  So the next day I put on a pair of jeans, pulled on a black sweater, and slipped on my spiffy new boots.  I have been clomping around in my sturdy but not quite stylin’ snow boots since November, so wearing my new dress boots made me feel grown up and sophisticated.

I managed to get around all morning without any issues, so I decided to wear them down to church when I went to practice piano.  As I started trekking up the hill behind our house, I realized that last week’s rain and temperature drop made the hill extremely icy.  I thought about going back inside and switching into my snow boots.  But I feel so cool in these boots!  I thought to myself.  Besides, I can manage.  

I reached the top of the hill and looked down–it would be even more slippery going down than it was going up.  I took a step forward and my foot immediately started sliding on ice.  I tried to steady myself with my other leg.  It did no good; now both feet were sliding and skidding on the ice.  Flailing my arms wildly, I tried to regain my balance.  Then I felt my body rushing toward the ground and my feet shooting up in the air. . .


Now I was sitting on the snowy, muddy ground, looking around trying to figure out what I should do next.  So I went through the I-Just-Fell-Down Processing Steps:

1.  Did anyone see me?  Whew, neighbor wasn’t out and nobody is in the church parking lot!
2.  What did I do to my clothes?  Pants are muddy but no holes!  I will have to go change now, bummer.
3.  Am I hurt?  Whoops, maybe that should come first.  My leg is a little tender, but no serious damage.

I carefully got up and tottered back to the house.  Once inside, I kicked off my spiffy (now slightly muddied) dress boots put on my sturdy but not quite stylin’ snow boots.  It will be a long time before I put style before practicality.

Oh trusty snow boots, I’m sorry that I tried to leave you!

One Comment on “Pride Cometh Before the Fall on Ice”

  1. […] A good pair of snow boots keep your feet warm and dry during the coldest and snowiest days.  Snow boots should be at least water resistant, if not waterproof.  Ugg boots do not meet this standard.  Likewise, they should have a good tread so you don’t loose your footing on ice.  I learned this the hard way. […]

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