Making My Husband’s Birthday Special. . .Or Not

My husband’s birthday is in a couple of weeks, so I was thinking about what we could do to celebrate.  Unfortunately, the youth group’s Sweetheart Dinner is on the same day as his birthday, so he has to spend the afternoon setting up and the evening attending the event.  No going out to eat that day.

I then had a brilliant idea–I would make my husband breakfast in bed!  We went to a B & B for our honeymoon and he talked for months about how great it was to have a hot breakfast delivered to our door.  He would be so excited if I made him a nice breakfast (for once) and brought it up to him.  Even better, his birthday is on a Saturday, a day of rest and relaxation.

I started to think about what I would make for his breakfast when suddenly I remembered a really important fact about my husband’s work schedule:  he works on Saturday mornings.  Not only does he work, he attends the men’s Bible study.  The men’s Bible study that starts at 7:00 a.m.  He gets up at 6:15 to go to the men’s Bible study.

Screw that, I’m not getting up that early to make him breakfast.*

*Don’t worry about my lack of motivation to make him breakfast on his birthday–he gets a good meal at the Bible study.


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