And the Very Exciting Thing Is. . .

About a month ago I wrote about a Very Exciting Thing that I couldn’t share at that time.  However, with the release of the church’s February newsletter, I can finally make my announcement:  our vicarage congregation is switching to the Lutheran Service Book (LSB)!  After using LSB throughout college and the first two years at the seminary, coming to a church still using The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH) was a bit like saying goodbye to another friend and trying to reconnect with an old acquaintance.  I used TLH at my home church but after 6 years of using LSB, I liked the new hymnal.  It’s easier to use, easier to read, and has a wide selection of services.

However, in two weeks I will not have to pine for LSB any longer.  The pastor here is excited for the change and he and my husband are trying to get the congregation excited as well–we’ll see how that goes, you know how Lutherans can be like with change.  🙂


One Comment on “And the Very Exciting Thing Is. . .”

  1. […] the text of this hymn that makes it one of my favorites, it’s also the personal memories.  Our vicarage congregation was able to purchase LSB hymnals because of a memorial given when a faithful member suddenly died.  On the day the hymnals were […]

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