Halfway Through

About six months ago, my husband and I moved to the north for his vicarage; in about six months, we will move back to Fort Wayne so he can complete his final year of schooling.  We’re halfway through his vicarage year.  We’ve already started to think about the next move while still trying to get settled from the last move.  To add to the unsettling feeling of living a topsy-turvey life, I realized that a year ago we were wondering where we would live this year and a year from now we will once again be wondering where we will live the following year.

Despite knowing the transitions we have to make in the coming year, I’m beginning to see the end of our seminary journey.  My husband now has completed more of his seminary education that he has left to finish and 18 months from now (give or take) we will hopefully complete our last “seminary move.”  I’m hoping that will bring an end to our topsy-turvey life.


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