My Amazing Thrift Store Find

For several years now my husband and I have been looking for a new-to-us computer desk.  However, we have a very specific set of criteria for any desk that we would purchase.  My husband is 6’3″, so the desk has to have enough space for his legs.  We know that we’re moving often, so the desk has to be sturdy.  I have a tendency to have my work explode across whatever surface I’m working at, so the desk has to be big enough for my mess.  Oh, and we’re not millionaires, so the desk has to be inexpensive.

Over the last three years we have come across many desks but there was always a reason not to buy it.  Sometimes it was too small, sometimes it was too wobbly, and sometimes we gasped and slowly backed away when we saw the price.  There was always something not quite right with any desk we came across, at least until I came across this in our local thrift store:

Sturdy, spacious, and only $45!  This one is just right!

After also finding some drinking glasses, a sweater, jeans, and a biography on Martin Luther on my shopping spree, I have decided that I will forgo my call wish of having a Kohl’s nearby as long as there is an amazing thrift shop in town.


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